Apartment Therapy Interviews Fuller + Roberts Co. Window Artist Jane Hallworth

If you don't know Jane Hallworth, you're not alone.  Despite being a favorite of young Hollywood (she counts Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams as clients), the discrete designer has kept a low profile. (It may be a family thing.  When her older sisters launched a jean company, they had to be coaxed into doing publicity.)  

Asked by The Hollywood Reporter, who named Jane one of their 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in LA in 2012, which set she was most anticipating, Jane responded "The Munsters remake for its gothic sensibility".  That phrase could also be used to describe Jane's work.  Intimate, complex, intriguing, her interiors are a blend of styles — 20th century furniture, antiques, cutting edge contemporary designer pieces — made whole through her innovative use of color and an architect's sense of balance and form.  Her distinct visual vocabulary has led to the launch of her first product line, debuting at Blackman Cruz in May.  Paying homage to American vernacular furniture, it captures the symbolic nature of iconic American pieces while adding a slightly dark, modern twist.

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